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Montalvo's Ghost of King Hamlet

"Hamlet"   "Hammy"   "Hambone"

Microchip #985113001235015

CHIC Number: 135345

Hip clearance:OFA  GR-123095G26M-VPI

Eye clearance:OFA  GR-EYE16046/29M-VPI 

Heart clearance:OFA  GR-CA33930/29M/C-PI.

Elbow clearance:OFA  GR-EL42728M26-VPI

prcd-PRA status:Animal Genetics Clear

PRA1 status:Animal Genetics Clear

PRA2 status:Animal Genetics Clear

Ichthyosis status:Animal Genetics Carrier

DM status:Animal Genetics Clear

Hamlet's k9data page :

Hamlet (Phaser x Luke)  will be the cornerstone for future generations. His namesake is my first American stud in the 80s. Hamlet is athletic, loyal and crazy for a Frisbee. Hopes are for him excel in agility. For the next year(s), we will be channeling his desires into productive work. However, he is a few years away from having his mate. Hamlet's mother is our Phaser (Romeo x Cameo Rose),  Phaser and Hamlet are pivotal dogs, contributing greatly to a promising breeding foundation. 

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