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In search of a puppy?

Tips for the public searching for puppies...You may find it helpful to evaluate litters that are being registered on AKC by using AKC's Marketplace: After you find a litter you have an interest in, you will see the parents registered name and also their AKC Number in the ad. Now you can evaluate the dogs' health clearances. Many American breeders will use OFA, there are other tests as well. You may have to ask the breeder for hard copies.   


OFA's database is a good place to start:  Dogs' health clearances may be also be found on  If the dogs are straight from Europe, you'll also find their clickable pedigrees with their International Titles. You should also see a list of the health clearances and the DNA work that was preformed. if their page was setup accordingly. I hope these tips help you find a perfect pup!!

Feel free to call me: 770-549-7555 ~ Amy 


 I'll be glad to explain what you're finding. 

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